Sunday, August 31, 2014

School Lunches

So one factor I wasn't banking on when Lucy started kindergarten was the whole "Your kid has to have a lunch at school each day" thing.  I guess after paying tens of thousands of dollars for her pre-school to serve her a hot meal each day, I sort of thought the basic public education school lunch might have been satisfactory for her.  It is not.  Stupid move #1-I got her a cute lunchbox.  Stupid move #2-Actually voicing that she may not like the food everyday, but I'd print the menu and she could decide which days to buy a lunch and which days we would pack one.  NEVER GIVE THEM A CHOICE PEOPLE.  GIRLY GIRLS WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE THE CUTE LUNCHBOX.

So each afternoon, after working 10 hours, we come home from school and pack a lunch.  Let me ask you this, just how unhealthy is it to eat Lunchables every single day?  Those things make my life so easy, but I swear when I'm packing it I can hear all the stay at home moms yelling at me about how many nitrates and other unhealthy crap are in those things.  And how could we forget the little fermented Capri Sun debacle The company had a few years ago?  But seriously, those things are EASY!

Lu has mentioned me coming to eat with her in the cafeteria.  Um, you want me to come in there and sit with you while all the ladies working in the lunchroom, parent volunteers, and stay at home moms WITNESS you eating a Lunchable?!?!  Oh man.  I am just not sure I am up to that.

 I am sitting here, after looking at Pinterest and its stupid "101 School Lunch Ideas" pin thinking, my poor kid.  She will never have a super well-balanced lunch.  She will probably just get Lunchables but maybe just a few days a week.  At least she has a cute lunchbox.               

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